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World Cup Summary
General Data

- National Teams: 16
- Stadiums: 0
- Games: 32
- Goals: 95
- Goal Average: 2.97
- Top Scorer: Gerd Mueller (West Germany) - 10 goals
- Biggest margin of victory:
- Game with more goals:
- Red Cards:


In the semifinals of Mexico 1970 four champions measured their strengths: Brazil-Uruguay and Germany-Italy.

While Brazil had no problems with Uruguay, the game against Italy and Germany was unforgettable. Italy hold on to a goal but in the minute 90 Germany tied the score and sent it to extra time. In the next 30 minutes the teams made 5 goals and a lot of mistakes. It was 4-3 for Italy.

With the extra condiment that the winner would became the first to win 3 championships and would retain forever the "Jules Rimet Cup", Brazil and Italy were tied at the end of the first half, but Brazil was too much for Italy in the second period, won 4-1 and Pelé raised the cup in what was going to be his last World Cup.