Soccer World Cup Information

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Soccer World Cup Tournament

General Information
Year by Year Champions Summary of Winners Winners By
Statistics Top Scorers
Year by year
Russia 2018

Brazil 2014

South Africa 2010
Germany 2006Germany 2006
Korea / Japon 2002Korea / Japon 2002
France 1998France 1998
United States 1994United States 1994
Italy 1990Italy 1990
Mexico 1986Mexico 1986
Spain 1982Spain 1982
Argentina 1978Argentina 1978
West Germany 1974West Germany 1974
Mexico 1970Mexico 1970
England 1966England 1966
Chile1962Chile 1962
Sweden 1958Sweden 1958
Switzerland 1954Switzerland 1954
Brazil 1950Brazil 1950
France 1938France 1938
Italy 1934Italy 1934
Uruguay 1930Uruguay 1930
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