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2018: France

Soccer: World Cup, Titles by Country

Information about the international soccer tournament World Cup including titles by country, logos, links, results and other data.

The Soccer World Cup (officially Football FIFA World Cup) is the most important competition in international soccer. The tournament is held every four years and it is hosted by a different country every time. Over 160 national teams compete in regional qualifying tournaments over a period of two years but only 32 teams get to be part of the main event. Only 8 national teams have won the tournament and here you have the Soccer World Cup summary of winners
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Titles by Country

World Cup, Titles by Country

Brazil Logo
Brazil Flag
5 -
World CupWorld CupWorld CupWorld CupWorld Cup
1958 against Sweden
1962 against Czechoslovakia
1970 against Italy
1994 against Italy
2002 against Germany
Germany Logo
Germany Flag
4 -
World CupWorld CupWorld CupWorld Cup
1954 against Hungary
1974 against Holland
1990 against Argentina
2014 against Argentina
Italy Logo
Italy Flag
4 -
World CupWorld CupWorld CupWorld Cup
1934 against Czechoslovakia
1938 against Hungary
1982 against West Germany
2006 against France
Argentina Logo
Argentina Flag
2 -
World CupWorld Cup
1978 against Holland
1986 against West Germany
France Logo
France Flag
2 -
World CupWorld Cup
1998 against Brazil
2018 against Croatia
Uruguay Logo
Uruguay Flag
2 -
World CupWorld Cup
1930 against Argentina / 1950
England Logo
England Flag
1 -
World Cup
1966 against West Germany
Spain Logo
Spain Flag
1 -
World Cup
2010 against Holland

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Titles by Country