Soccer: Mercosur Cup

Last Champion
Mercosur Cup San Lorenzo Logo
Argentina Flag
2001: San Lorenzo
Mercosur Cup Logo

Soccer: Mercosur Cup, Summary and Data

Information about the international soccer tournament Mercosur Cup including summary and data, logos, links, results and other data.

Copa Mercosur (English: Mercosur Cup, Portuguese: Copa Mercosul) was a competition played from 1998 to 2001 by the traditional top clubs from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Years: 2001 - 2000 - 1999 - 1998

Champions by Year

Last Champion:
Champion 2001
Previous Champions:
Flamengo Logo Flamengo
- 1999
Palmeiras Logo Palmeiras
- 1998

Titles by Team

Team with the Most Titles:
1 Title
1 Title
1 Title

Titles by Country

Country with the Most Champions:
Mercosur Cup
3 Titles
More Countries with Champions:
Argentina Argentina - 1 Title
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