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Liverpool (Uruguay): Team Profile and Titles Won

Information about Liverpool, one of the top soccer teams from Uruguay, including the total and detail of international and domestic tournaments and cups won, greatest players, logo, colors, jerseys and more.

Team Profile

Full name: Liverpool

Liverpool logo

Foundation year: 1915

Original jersey colors: black and blue

Alternate jersey colors: white, black and blue

Nickname: Negriazules (Blackblue), La Cuchilla (The knife), El Negro de la Cuchilla (The Black Blade)

Country: Uruguay Flag Uruguay

National Confederation:

Uruguayan Football Association Logo AUF (Uruguayan Football Association)
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Tournaments Liverpool Can Win:

Local Tournaments: Uruguayan League, Uruguay Cup, Uruguayan Super Cup

International Tournaments: Libertadores Cup, South American Cup, South American Recopa, Club World Cup

Titles Won by Liverpool:

International Tournaments: 0 (FIFA and CONMEBOL)

  • none

Domestic National Tournaments: 4

Contact ohter data:

Stadium Info:

Name: Estadio Belvedere
City: Montevideo
Capacity: 7,780

Official Website:

Social Networks:
Facebook: @LiverpoolFC1915 /
YouTube: @Liverpool1915TV /
Twitter: @LiverpoolFC1915